The recent ransomware attack on the NHS and across the globe was the most dangerous malware attack we have seen. The fall-out can be catastrophic, forever denting consumer confidence in your brand.

Here are four critical things that Riverbank IT Management is doing for its clients and key steps that you need to take to prevent disaster from striking your organisation:

What we do

  • Security patches – Riverbank keeps all your PCs and servers up-to-date with security patches. We send you a monthly report to provide reassurance.
  • Apply the patches – we tell you if any computers need re-booting; sometimes they have had security patches downloaded but they need a restart to apply them.
  • Firmware updates – we keep all relevant hardware up-to-date with the latest firmware security updates.
  • Monitor your anti-virus protection – if you have Riverbank approved anti-virus software or Riverbank SecurePC, we make sure all servers and PCs have the software installed and it is updated regularly. Riverbank has a report for that too so you can see that this is happening.

What you need to do

  1. Passwords – enforce an effective password policy across your business to stop hackers breaking in.
  2. The human firewall – educate your computer users – your human firewall. They need to be aware that ransomware can arrive on an email from someone they know; it can have an attachment that looks quite genuine. They need to be sceptical, not trusting.
  3. Build your wall – invest in the best protection.

What the best-protected Riverbank clients use

  • They use Riverbank SecureConnect that provides a managed firewall with constantly updated protection and safer remote working.
  • Our clients depend on Riverbank SecurePC to provide vital layers of protection, including anti-virus and software to detect and stop a ransomware attack.
  • They have a PC replacement policy so no-one gets left behind and there is no risk of security gaps from obsolete operating systems.
  • Email protection blocks unwanted mail and attachments – Riverbank Email Protector, for Office 365 users, Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection.
  • They use Riverbank S.A.F.E, powered by Microsoft EM+S, to protect their people, their mobile devices and their documents.
  • Riverbank Backup & Disaster Recovery gives them complete backup and rapid recovery if they do get hit.
  • They have a business continuity plan and regularly review and test their IT security.

Nothing will provide 100% protection but these essential steps will go a long way to preventing huge disruption to your organisation.

Contact your Riverbank account manager to talk through any changes you need to make. You don’t want to be tomorrow’s headline.

If you’re not yet a Riverbank client, you can call our security experts on 01235 426700 or email