Protecting your devices

IT security is all about protection through layers of security. One of those layers is the protection of the mobile devices that you are using; your laptop, tablet or phone. Within that layer, there are different options for protection, each of them in turn giving you a layer of protection.

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In this article, we will look first at the elements of baseline security that you need to have in place. After that we will look at the additional protection provided by Riverbank SAFE, this Managed IT Security Service protects your people, your devices and your documents.

What is Baseline security?

Baseline security covers the standard elements of security that everyone should have. With the baseline security in place, you can build on it to provide a higher security level.

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In terms of protecting your devices, baseline security means:

  • Managed PCs
  • Effective PC setupsDisk encryption
  • Anti-virus software

Managed PCs

A managed PC means that the day-to-day User of the computer does not have administrator rights. The software installed can be used by the user, but the cannot make changes to the PC. This is usually the IT department, or IT outsourcing company’s job to protect your devices.

Managed IT security isn’t simply to prevent employees from tinkering with their computers; it protects them and you from the consequences of unknown, untested software and makes the computer more reliable as a result.

In many businesses, the computer users are senior professionals and they need the freedom to install software as part of their working life. In terms of IT security, that is your management decision, but make it an explicit decision rather than simply letting everyone get on with it, then wonder why you have lost productivity due to computer problems.

Effective PC setups

Make sure that every PC is set up to a written standard. Without it, you risk missing security-critical parts of the setup.

Disk encryption

Disk encryption is now included as part of the Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. Turn it on as part of your standard setup.

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus protection is a standard component of any computer. Make sure you adopt a standard and can prove that it is running correctly on every computer. Better still, upgrade from the single layer of protection from anti-virus software to multi-layered protection such as Riverbank SecurePC.

Enhanced protection

Building on the baseline security is Mobile Device Management (MDM). You need to know who is using mobile devices that hold your organisation’s data. This is where Riverbank SAFE comes in.

Riverbank SAFE is based on Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S). One component in this suite of services is mobile device management (MDM). MDM provides a central console where you can see all the devices that are enabled for business use for each person. This gives you provable security.

With MDM in place you can manage:

  • Devices
  • Apps and data

Manage each device

Being able to manage every device means you can take control of your company data, wherever that may be. If the inevitable happens and someone loses a device, or it gets stolen, the device can be wiped and your security will not be breached. When an employee leaves removing their company information from each personal device direct from the central management console has never been easier.

Baseline security can be built for laptop computers. You might have switched on the disk encryption, but this needs to be proved that it is installed and running on every computer. Add in that extra layer with central management of disk encryption.

This level of provable security is a huge benefit in these days of GDPR, where your level of responsibility and accountability is so much higher.

Manage the apps and data

Part of the management of each device is the ability to control the applications that are used. On a phone or tablet, your company apps run in their own container on that device. You have complete control over how that container is used, i.e. which applications can be installed and run within it.

You also get control of what can flow in and out of that container via copy and paste, and where people can save data. That gives you real control of a device that you can neither see nor touch.

Now you can relax

With Riverbank SAFE plus your baseline security, you can relax. You do not have to worry about where your confidential data is being held and what people might be doing with it. You have all the tools to manage and control it.

Your staff will be happier too. They have the data and the apps at their fingertips, so they can be productive anywhere and at any time, working in the way that gives them the greatest satisfaction.

Next steps

Find out more about protecting your people by protecting their devices through Riverbank SAFE. Contact Riverbank on 01235 426700 or email