Written by Malcolm Newdick, Managing Director

“Remote working has never been easier”, says an article in the September edition of Director Magazine. The author might also have said that for many people “Remote working has never been easy” – tales abound of software failing, links dropping and the acronym ‘VPN’ becoming a term of abuse. At Riverbank we spend a lot of time genuinely making it simple for people to work anywhere.

One great way to work remotely is to use a superb software called Citrix. Fire up your internet browser, log on and you are working. It’s that simple. Behind the scenes a lot goes on to manage the traffic over slow internet connections and to enable you to work effectively. We deliver that experience as part of our Riverbank Cloud Complete service or as a bespoke solution for our larger clients.

If you need to be able to work anywhere anytime, with or without an internet connection, you need a Cloud File Sync service. We deliver these Dropbox-like services for our clients. For the users, remote working is as easy as working on their own laptop.

And if you do hear anyone mention ‘VPN’, send them to Riverbank!

To find out more information on remote working services call Riverbank on 01235 823 130 or email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk.