Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan in place?

Written by Luke Corradi, Senior Support Engineer, Riverbank IT Management

When reviewing your DR plans, make sure you cover off some fundamental questions; how much data loss can we afford? How long can we afford to not operate at all? No email access, no phones, no ordering systems – nothing. Can the current recovery solutions in place actually deliver on what is needed?

Unavoidably, putting in place some of the mechanisms to expedite delivery of recovery and maintaining business continuity might incur more CapEx and/or OpEx cost than might have originally been budgeted. Ultimately, this could seem insignificant with the benefit of hindsight.

At the very least, test your existing solution to answer what might currently be a set of unknowns. Refine it and identify the bottlenecks. Improve on it and test again. At a minimum, repeat this every 6 months or every time there’s a fundamental change to your infrastructure.

Another one of my favourite questions to pose, is not what happens if there’s a catastrophic fire or flood, but what happens if all toilets at your site are out of order? (Going outside and building a rudimentary communal outhouse isn’t an option).

Depending on local regulations, users might not be permitted to work at the site. Is everyone going to work remotely? Is there failover contingency for working at another base of operations? Core users only, or all users?

If you can’t answer this one, it’s worth working on as soon as you can.

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