Riverbank IT Management announces the results of its first Annual Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Survey of UK companies

By: Claire Vickery, Head of Marketing at Riverbank IT Management

The annual Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) survey

In a recent, independent and anonymous online survey, Riverbank IT Management asked questions of IT Decision Makers in the UK concerning the topic of Backup and Disaster Recovery in SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) companies.

The results revealed disparate views: many companies feeling like they’re completely prepared should disaster strike, but just as many more having absolutely no strategy in place.

Opinions varied enormously about the consequences of a full data loss; as did the percentage of SMEs that could not survive should the worst happen.

But probably the biggest eye-opener came when we asked the respondents when they last tested their backup and disaster recovery plan.

Read on for the full report.

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Full survey results

Our first question was straight forward but very telling: does your company have a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Plan?

The majority of respondents (38%) simply haven’t – and appear not intent to do so either. A further 8% said they hadn’t but know they needed to. Thirty-three percent said they’ve got some plans in place, meaning that only 21% of our surveyed UK SME companies have a full Disaster Recovery Plan.

Off the back of that we asked what percentage of other Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) do they believe have no Recovery Plan.

Our research corroborates DataBarracks’ 2014 work (source: www. continuitycentral.com) which revealed 70 percent of small businesses in the UK said they have no business continuity plan in place.

Our next question asked our respondents what percentage of companies they believe go out of business after not being able to recover from a full data loss.

The majority (31%) thought less than 10%. The next biggest group thought 11-20% of companies would crumble. And even 4% thought none at all would fold.

The sad reality is a staggering 43 percent of companies were immediately put out of business by a “major loss” of computer records (source: Gartner). Gartner Group’s research went on to say that another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years — leaving a mere six percentsurvival” rate.

The survey moved on to ask what UK IT Decision Makers considered the worst consequences if their company suffered a full data loss and the thinking was spread.

Permanently lost data and loss of customer confidence received one-third each of the responses with down-time close behind. Although far less significant, the cost and loss of internal confidence was also considered a factor.

So far it’s clear to see that a worrying amount of SMEs are ill-prepared for a data loss despite understanding the enormous impact it would have on their business, which leads to the obvious question: what stands in the way of not having a Recovery Plan?

Almost unbelievably, more than half of our respondents reckon that companies don’t believe it will happen to them. Forty-four percent think it’s not on their radar with lack of resources and not knowing where to turn for help important factors too.

Thinking about their own companies once more, we wanted to know what our IT Decision Makers thought would happen if they lost their systems, applications and data.

Despite research to the contrary, only 14% believed it would be catastrophic. Forty-six percent confidently felt they’d deploy their plan and be up-and-running again quickly and 40% thought they’d be able to recover some data but the business would suffer.

Riverbank wanted to know all the elements that constitute the worst fall-out of a data loss and the biggest concerns were irretrievably lost data, time lost, costs associated with the recovery and negative public relations.

Although less important, loss of staff confidence was on some of their minds too.

Probably the most straight-forward question but arguably the most shocking response was this:

Forty-six percent of SMEs have never tested their backup and recovery plan. So, if disaster struck, they have no way of knowing if the plan works – until they’re immersed in a company critical situation. As discussed, where the majority of SMEs cannot ever fully recover from a data loss, the risks are very dramatic and very real.

Lastly, we wanted to know what our respondents would do to improve their company’s defence against a full data loss and they fell into three camps.

A confident 36 % have nothing more to do: they’re on top of it. Half of them are going to prioritise building a Disaster Recovery Plan and 16% are going to outsource to a BDR specialist company. Riverbank IT Management is one such company. We’ve successfully worked with many clients to build layers of defence; allowing them to get on with their day-to-day work; growing their own businesses.

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