Here at Riverbank IT Management we are always looking for solutions to make our clients’ lives easier; to this end, Riverbank is excited to announce the replacement of our client portal. Our current system has been available since 2010 but, as with most portals, people don’t have the time or inclination to navigate, log on and find the information they want from an unfamiliar system.

Therefore, we’ve invested in a new tool called the Riverbank Client Console. The program sits quietly near the clock on a PC and brings all the benefits of our old client portal, plus much more to your desktop. At a glance, our clients can now:

• View the status of tickets
• Know when a ticket is being dealt with
• Raise, update and close tickets
• Take screenshots which will automatically attach to the ticket
• Main contacts can see tickets for the whole organisation and authorise work

All these new features can be done from their desktop without having to email or pick up the phone.

This new tool isn’t to replace Riverbank’s open communication ethos; but we believe that for regular support queries and updates, this tool works extremely well: enabling our clients more time to get on with their business and leaving the IT to us.