IT Nation is one of the world’s biggest annual conferences for IT professionals.

Held last month in Orlando, Florida, I was one of over 2,500 delegates eager to get a view of the future, meet the leaders in our field and exchange ideas.

It was a week of constant activity, meeting people who run similar IT companies from all over North America, Europe and Australia, meeting suppliers and attending sessions on a wide range of topics. Top of my list for Riverbank and our clients were:

  • The development of Microsoft Office 365. It’s where Microsoft is investing lots of its time, money and energy.
  • New software to backup cloud services such as Office 365.
  • Software tools to strengthen the links between Riverbank and our clients.

As a result of attending IT Nation, we have committed to one application that will help both Riverbank and our clients. It’s a small application that we will be rolling out to all computer users. It includes easier and faster logging of problems, constant visibility of what Riverbank is doing for you and a chat facility with your Riverbank engineer (“chat” is an up and coming technology to watch out for). It also gives our engineers the ability to see if you are at your computer, eliminating the telephone tag that frustrates everyone.

The most inspiring session was Gary Pica, a guru for IT Managed Service Providers. His mantra is “Process, Process, Process” – to deliver world-class service, everything that Riverbank does has to be driven by a proven process. A message there for all of us, I suspect.