Riverbank is now an authorised Dropbox partner for Dropbox for Business. This is one of several new Cloud services being launched by Riverbank in 2014.

Riverbank’s Commercial Director, Kieron Drake, says “Dropbox is a familiar name to many consumers. Now Dropbox is moving into the business market with a product that offers a combination of the familiar, easy to use, Dropbox software plus business-level management and control. With Riverbank technical support wrapped around it, we have a great way for our clients to move their data safely into the cloud.”

Dropbox for Business provides a secure environment for a cloud-enabled business:

  • All your data stored in the cloud and also available locally.
  • All employees have access to a single company data store; in multiple offices, working from home or travelling.
  • Business-level management of your data. No more e-mailing of files. No worries about large files.
  • Share files and folders with clients, suppliers, partners.
  • No learning curve – many of your staff are already familiar with DropBox.
  • Fully managed and controlled via central console managed by Riverbank.
  • No more data worries – all the different versions of your documents are kept and all your data is backed up for you.
  • Works everywhere – on PC, Mac, mobile devices. Online and offline.
  • Convert existing personal Dropbox accounts to a Dropbox for Business account or link business and personal accounts by ‘pairing’ them.

With the addition of  business-level support from Riverbank, backed by the Dropbox technical team, this is an easy way for businesses of all sizes to work in the cloud.