Riverbank SAFE is a core service to protect your people, your devices and your documents. In today’s business environment any of these elements can be out of your office, with Riverbank SAFE you know they are in your control.

Protecting your people

Protecting your people is all about identity management. You choose who can access your system, and when they try to log on, you need a way of proving their identity that is effective but not too onerous.

Achieving a balance between security and utility is the challenge. You decide what level of security you need in order to protect your people and your business, while still providing a system that is usable. After all, if your security process is difficult to use, people will be people and they will work around it and you will be back with zero security.

You are probably familiar with logging on to a traditional computer network, with a username and password. This system now works in the cloud, so wherever you are and whatever device you are working on, you are authenticated before you can start work and access company information.

This identity management system is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. It knows who should be allowed on to your company systems and, at its most basic level, it just requires a name and a password. But to secure your business in the cloud, Active Directory goes much further.

Multi-factor authentication

Two steps authentication on computer. Login and password. Verification with sms on smartphone. Woman.

The next step up is multi-factor authentication (MFA). This requires different types of information and provides an extra layer of security. MFA typically requires a combination of:

  • Password (see above).
  • Phone.
  • Fingerprint, voice control, and iris recognition.

If Azure Active Directory is equipped with your name and password, plus the devices you can use and it holds some biometric information about you, you have a very secure system.

Single Sign-on

A major curse of today’s world is the number of passwords we are expected to remember. As business moves to the cloud, we risk inflicting this curse on our employees. Instead of expecting your staff to manage different logons for each cloud services they use, give them a single identity with a single login. It makes their lives easier and more secure. 

Once single sign-on (SSO) has been implemented, you log on to the company system as usual. The employee only has one password to remember and only one login to perform. The employer can also pre-authorise for other web-based systems that the company has decided you need to use. 

Single sign-on also delivers an additional benefit for you, the employer, because you have provable security. Your computer users only ever know the access name and password for one system. When they leave, you block that single user and you can be sure that they are locked out of every web-based system they were using. After all, they never even had a password for any of the other web-based company applications.

Next steps

Your people are rightly known as your most important asset. If you would like to provide them with better protection through Riverbank SAFE, contact us on 01235 426700 or email enquiries@riverbank.co.uk.