Multi-layered security is in

Anti-virus software used to be enough. But not now. Today’s cyber security threats come in many different forms and their payload can be deadly to your business. It only takes one error by one person for your entire organisation’s data to be encrypted and held to ransom. One simple mistake could lead to a data breach with massive financial consequences. 

Managing Cyber security in an insecure world means security systems often employ multiple layers of security. When you log on to a banking app, for example, the bank will verify that you are using your registered device, it might also check your fingerprint or listen to the rhythm of your voice, and it might need a passcode. Each of these checks is one layer of security; none of them alone is foolproof, but together they provide great security.

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In the world of IT security, layers work in a similar way. You still need anti-virus software, but you need additional software layers. These will prevent you from falling victim to threats such as a criminal or compromised website. If you are unlucky enough to download something malicious such as ransomware, a further layer of software can look for signs of encryption happening on your computer and stop it in its tracks. Your security comes from the multiple layers, each checking a different thing.

Riverbank – Cyber Security

Riverbank IT Management has brought together a comprehensive set of software products, bundled together into a service called Riverbank SecurePC. Each software tool is a layer in this defence.

On top of the software, layers is Riverbank’s monitoring and management, dealing with alerts from the software and making sure everything is being updated as it should be.

Riverbank SecurePC is a dynamic and evolving product, built to respond to the latest cyber security threats. Regular technology reviews ensure that we employ the best software in the right way. We provide the thinking IT, allowing you to focus on your work.

Security is not just software

Aside from the software, every organisation has a responsibility to ensure they educate their users in the need to be security-aware; building their ‘human firewall’.

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People need to understand the clues that help to reveal a phishing email, what to do when they are tempted to click on a link in an email, and how to respond to an offer that looks too good to be true.

Not all cyber-attacks will come via your computer. Staff need to beware when marketing materials come through the post bearing a special web site address that will unlock a great offer, or the phone call from the bank or the support call from the ‘Microsoft engineer’ who has detected a problem on your computer and needs to apply a fix.

Riverbank SecurePC components

The SecurePC suite includes:

■      Enterprise anti-virus: the base layer of PC and network protection.
■      Ransomware detection: it looks for indications that your computer is under attack.
■      Malware protection: identifies and quarantines unwanted applications (PUAs).
■      Internet protection for PCs: monitors your internet traffic, identifying and blocking threats. It uses a different technique from the other applications, giving you another layer of security.
■      Ad blocking: protects you from unwanted ads on your PC that could lead to malicious sites. It also speeds up your web browsing.

Monitoring and management by Riverbank

Not only do we receive alerts about potential threats on your PCs, we also have access to the software providers’ global databases of reports from all of their customers. This additional layer of information gives us the opportunity to see ‘over the horizon’ to spot emerging cyber security threats.

Once installed, Riverbank SecurePC will be continuously running in the background, providing its multi-layered protection, fully monitored and managed by Riverbank. If you have any questions or need technical support, our highly trained support engineers are available and able to assist.

Future protection

As the threats evolve, so does our response. Riverbank is actively looking at emerging threats and adding new layers of protection in response. All SecurePC subscribers will benefit from changes to the suite of software in SecurePC. Using our IT management software, we apply these changes in the background without needing any intervention by your computer users.

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