It’s that time of the year again when Riverbank devotes its efforts to raising money for charity.

From 08:00 on Monday 13 March to 18:00 on Friday 17 March our Riverbank engineers kicked-off their mission to stack-up the coins in aid of Keen Oxford.

“Making our clients happy is what makes us happy and we figured we’d put that to good use this year”, says David Garwood, Service Delivery Manager at Riverbank.

So, for every positive client satisfaction response received, Riverbank donated 50p to charity. Over the space of five days, this topped £50.00.

A fantastic result – congratulations, team!

The Teletubby 5K

Now, onto the serious stuff.

On Red Nose Day, some of our top engineers including Sam, Joseph, Jonny and Tom took the streets of Milton Park to participate in the 5K fun run.

A 5K run is no walk in the park, especially when you’re dressed from head to toe as the Teletubbies.

This enthusiasm did not go unnoticed as they managed to rack-up £230.

We’re all wondering how they’ll top this on the next Red Nose Day!