“Who has access to my data?” continues to be a key concern for people thinking about moving their IT to the Cloud. It’s not the Chinese government or the Russian government that people tend to ask about, but the US government. The recent actions of the US government are not helping to quell these worries either, when they order Microsoft to hand over data that is stored on their servers in Ireland (http://bit.ly/1mbN0oX).

This distrust and anxiety about government monitoring does affect people’s decisions about moving their data from their familiar office server environment to the new world of the Cloud.

The worries are probably misplaced because most of us simply don’t have data that would be of real value to a government spy service. For those who do, Riverbank has high-security options that will deliver a Cloud-based solution that’s as secure as any office-based IT system.

There is no doubt that a move to the Cloud can produce huge benefits for companies that need to control costs or access their IT systems from different locations. It’s just a matter of balancing the fears against the benefits. And if you need any help, just call Riverbank.