Following the huge security vulnerability revealed this week – the Heartbleed bug – it is time to change all your passwords. But don’t panic.

Why you should change your passwords

Here’s why you need to change all your passwords:

  1. The security flaw is big; it could make any of your passwords visible to a hack. So you really have no guarantee that any of your passwords really are secure. In addition, although almost all vulnerable sites are now secured again via updates to their software, there is no way of knowing if their security was compromised before the problem came to light.
  2. Start by changing your banking and data storage passwords. Then gradually work through all the other sites where you enter a password.
  3. It’s good practice to change your passwords periodically. So make this your opportunity to tighten up your personal security.

Why you shouldn’t panic

The Heartbleed bug is just that, a bug, a security flaw. There is no evidence that any security has been compromised and no-one has published lists of stolen passwords. There is no need to devote the day to changing all your passwords. Just get into the mindset that when you enter a password, change it.

If you are worried about your security, contact your Riverbank account manager or call us on 0845 680 9680.