Tread Carefully on the Web

The release of another emergency security patch by Microsoft underlines why you need to be careful about where you go on the web and what you click on.

The vulnerability revealed on 18 August plugs a security hole that could allow a program from a website to be run on your computer without your knowledge. It is a ‘zero day exploit’, which means that it can bypass some anti-virus software and potentially do anything it wants on your PC and your computer network.

It’s a good reminder of two things. First, you need to keep your computer up to date with security patches. If you are a Riverbank client, we’ve got you covered so you don’t need to do anything.

The second reminder is that we need to keep our brains engaged at all times. We know that things aren’t always what they seem on websites, but it only needs one in a million people to click on a dodgy link on a dodgy website and your entire business can grind to a halt. You need to make sure you aren’t that person.