Twenty million people can’t be wrong, or can they?

The statistics on the move to the Cloud show huge change. Over twenty million people have moved to Microsoft’s cloud service, Office 365. But that represents only 7% of the total user base of Microsoft Office. But with the current rate of change to Office 365, Microsoft expects to cross the 50% mark in 2020.

So have twenty million people simply jumped from traditional IT into Cloud IT? Well no, not exactly. What is happening behind these big numbers is that companies are tending to move one service into the cloud, say Microsoft Office software licensing or Exchange email, or they have moved one department. They are choosing to transition to the cloud step-by-step where there is a clear business or commercial benefit.

So if you feel hesitant about committing to all this new technology, you are in good company. Caution can be good, tempered with the need to adopt change that will benefit your business.

If you aren’t sure how to balance the risk and reward of moving to the Cloud, just ask Riverbank. Our business is your success and helping you to sleep at night.

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