Why viewing your IT support company as just a break/fix service is a mistake

Why viewing your IT support company as just a break/fix service is a mistake

What is your approach to external IT support? Do you take the view of: “we’ll do what we can by ourselves, and get outside help only when we can’t handle something or if something goes wrong?”


Missed opportunities

Does your company view external IT support services as a kind of “on-off” service? Too often, business owners see IT support companies as a solution to specific, one-off requirements, brought in “as-needed.” – much the same way as you would hire a plumber or an electrician.

There can be this same expectation when it comes to project work as well, to get-the-job-done-and-leave. A business decides it needs a new server or wants its slow network evaluated and “fixed”, but a true IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), rather than a break/fix IT support company, has far more to offer than just a “fix-and-go-home” service.

An MSP aligns with you

MSPs not only deliver those as-and-when services, they offer a comprehensive ongoing service that takes a proactive approach to preventing downtime and finds new ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT infrastructure and systems.

This approach makes your chosen MSP an ongoing partner to your business that can bring strategic value and ensure IT is not an afterthought, but an integral part of both your present and future success.

Managed costs and improved service

MSPs offer service contracts for a fixed monthly fee so you can easily budget for your IT operational costs. Typically, an MSPs fees are charged on a per user basis and can scale up or down to adapt to your business needs. This provides you several distinct advantages, for example:

  • Lower charges for specific repairs and fixes – emergency calls that are not under a service contract usually result in premium charges at an hourly rate that can really inflate your IT costs.
  • Service level agreements – contractual guarantees and performance targets help set your expectations and ensure defined response times, allowing you to plan more effectively.
  • Proactive monitoring and management – with 24/7 system monitoring, automated patch management and helpdesk support you will experience less downtime and a more secure IT system that keeps your sensitive information safe.

Given these advantages, it is worth considering a more holistic view of how an MSP can fit into the growth and success of your business.

How can Riverbank IT Management help?

As part of the Air IT group, a multi-award-winning MSP, we can assist you by offering a highly proactive Managed IT Service that will manage your IT infrastructure and day-to-day issues which would otherwise be an unnecessary drain on your time and resources.

Riverbank IT Management can also take care of your cloud migration, cybersecurity and disaster recovery needs so that you can focus on projects that truly benefit and grow your company.

For further information on how an MSP can benefit your business or to discuss your requirement, contact Riverbank IT Management in Oxford on 01235 426700 or click here to see how we can help.