Today is the day that Microsoft releases Windows version 8.1. Don’t yawn, because it could be good.

When Windows 8 was released it was criticised for being cumbersome to use for professional computer users. Its interface might be great for home users or a pretty alternative for people using iPads, but for power users and professionals it was a frustrating thing to use. Many companies, large and small, decided that they didn’t see the benefit and they stuck with Windows 7.

Microsoft has responded. Version 8.1 promises to address a lot of the criticisms and I hope we will discover that it’s now a good business operating system. Today is release date so we’ll see over the coming weeks how the new version is received. But I suspect that 8.1 will trigger the conversion of business users to Windows 8. We’ll let you know what we think of it before recommending it to our clients.

If you would like to see the new version of Windows, come along to our WestCoast bus next week.