On January 14, 2020, support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. That means the end of regular security updates.

Don’t let your infrastructure and applications go unprotected. We’re here to help you migrate to current versions for greater security, performance and innovation.

Prepare SQL Server 2008 end of support

We’ve got you covered with new options

New options are now available to help you upgrade and adopt the innovative technologies you need to carry your organization into the future.

If you need additional time to manage the transition, get three years of Extended Security Updates to keep your workloads protected beyond the deadline.


Migrate to Azure with free security updates

  •         Rehost Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 workloads to Azure
  •         Get three years of Extended Security Updates at no additional charge, and upgrade to a current version when ready
  •         Use existing licenses and save up to 80 percent on Azure Virtual Machines with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances

Windows Server 2008 End of support

Upgrade on-premises and stay protected

  •         Upgrade to Windows Server 2016 for greater innovation, built-in security, and container support
  •         For continued protection beyond the deadline, buy up to three years of Extended Security Updates—cover only the servers you need while you upgrade


Windows Server 2008 ending support


Three reasons to migrate your 2008 server applications to Azure now


Embrace the tools in Azure to modernize your applications. Focus on business innovation with fully managed services like Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service, and Azure IaaS.

Cost savings

Reduce your infrastructure costs with free extended security updates, the Azure Hybrid Benefit, and optimized infrastructure. It’s possible to save long term when you move 2008 servers to Azure.

It would cost five times more to run Windows Server in AWS.

Security and compliance

Counter sophisticated cyberthreats with our secure cloud foundation and help meet compliance requirements with the most certifications of any cloud provider.

Get free security updates for 3 more years after end of support.