A survey of a thousand UK workers carried out by UCi2i and reported by the Telework Association found that 84% of people polled felt uncomfortable about their colleagues working from home. The conclusion was that people need better ways to communicate with colleagues who aren’t sitting alongside them.

At Riverbank we have a solution for this problem that works really well for us. It’s instant messaging for business. Instant Messaging (or IM) really helps teams work together. We use it to keep in touch with colleagues working at clients’ offices or working from home. We can also see who is at their computer and available. If necessary we can upgrade IM conversations to video or VoIP phone conversations, or share desktops to view documents together.

We do this through Microsoft Lync. It’s part of Office 365 so it’s a simple monthly subscription and no capital cost. If you would like to know more, call our IT Experts today on 01235 426 700 or Contact Us.