An update from Riverbank IT Management Ltd
December 2018


Anticipated impact

As many business commentators have observed, it is the uncertainty that makes planning for Brexit so difficult.
We are now four months away from Brexit-day and that uncertainty remains. April next year could
bring something as bad as Ted Heath’s three-day week in the 1970s or, like the day after the Millennium
Bug, we might look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

One area of IT that should continue with little or no interruption is cloud-based services. Thanks to the
preparation we all did for GDPR earlier in the year, almost all the IT services we use are now UK-based or
EU-based and there will be no immediate requirement to make any changes. The government has already
confirmed that the UK will continue to comply with the EU’s GDPR rules after leaving the EU and it
is likely that the UK will become an approved third country in terms of GDPR compliance.
The main area of impact could be on the supply of IT equipment. Information from one of our suppliers is
shown in the box below. In summary, there could be disruption to supply and there could be increased
costs if administrative costs go up and/or Sterling falls in value.

“We recognise that as Brexit unfolds a number of parties will be concerned, including our customers, European
based suppliers and our network of resellers. We are therefore considering, amongst a number
of areas, the potential impact of changes to tariffs and Customs borders, the potential impact on our
costs, administrative workload and our employees, but also the effect of increased volatility of exchange
rates. We are also evaluating our current pan-European operations and logistics to determine how best
to structure them following Brexit.”

Advice to Riverbank clients

The only advice at the moment is to consider what IT changes you might be planning to make in April to
June next year. Then consider if you should bring those changes forward to avoid possible disruption to
the supply of physical goods. We would be delighted to advise or help you with that planning.

Feedback from you

We would love to get your thoughts and feedback on how Brexit might impact your IT or your organisation.
contact us, so we can direct your message to the right person at Riverbank.