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The modern threat landscape means that new security vulnerabilities are being discovered every day – often by the very people you need to keep out of your network. According to the latest government statistics, there was a 55% year-on-year rise in the value of fraud during 2016, costing British businesses £1.1bn.

Fortunately, help is at hand – IT security audits from Riverbank can prevent your business becoming a victim.

What does an IT security audit involve?

1. Building a security baseline

The first stage of an IT security audit is to assess your current provisions. Riverbank engineers will perform a detailed analysis of your network and software assets, and capture specific information as to how well each is protected.

Our team will audit your network perimeter security provisions, software patch status and software versions. They will then produce a report that provides a baseline against which all future improvements will be measured.

2. Building a security strategy

 Riverbank consultants will produce a series of recommendations for improving your level of protection. From strengthening your existing provisions, to suggesting new technologies and services that will enhance your defences, the strategy will help you understand the work that needs to be done.

The strategy report also outlines priorities, so you can allocate spend most effectively, plugging any gaps that need to be addressed immediately.

Why choose IT security audits from Riverbank?

Our highly skilled team of engineers has many years experience working with businesses like yours to protect data and resources from cyber criminals. Every IT security audit draws on this experience, applying it to the unique strategic demands of your organisation to build a tailored roadmap.

As part of a comprehensive review we can suggest other ways to better protect your business:

  • Backup and recovery provisions – understanding how prepared your business is to cope with a significant system outage or hacking.
  • SecureConnect – advanced network perimeter protection that is managed and maintained by our experts, keeping your systems safe and secure without adding to your own workload.
  • Riverbank SecurePC – a suite of tools to protect your network at the PC level against ransomware, malware, viruses and other threats that could steal data or disrupt operations.
  • Riverbank EM+S – A Cloud-based solution to protect your workers in the field from cyber attacks without affecting their productivity or access to key systems.
Cyber Essentials Questionnaire

We can even test your security provisions against the baseline recommendations laid out by the Government in the Cyber Essentials Questionnaire.

Riverbank is proudly ISO 9001:2008 accredited, demonstrating our commitment to building quality processes for customers.

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