Information Rights Management Solutions

State-of-the-art security solutions to ensure data confidentiality and compliance

The survival of your business depends on your data protection

Today, data protection not only concerns business confidentiality, but also regulatory compliance. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, your organisation needs to ensure that all data containing personally identifiable information (PII), whether belonging to your clients or staff, is protected. Failure to do so can result in costly noncompliance fines, a damaged reputation, or even the closure of your business.


The looming cybersecurity risks businesses aren’t aware of

Most organisations invest in advanced, robust security solutions to keep their HR documents, clients’ personal data, trade contracts, and other confidential information safe from data breaches and other malicious attacks. However, presentations, marketing materials, and other general office data are often easily accessible by employees on a shared drive. Unfortunately, this data is only protected when it is on the drive and not when it is emailed or shared outside of the workforce. This means anyone who has access to those files has access to the internal data.


Safeguard your business with comprehensive, automatic data protection solutions from Riverbank

Microsoft Information Protection embeds permissions into the actual file, no matter where it is located. This means that your authorised users will have permission to access the file, while everyone else will be required to present credentials. This innovative tool can also notify the owner of the file about any failed access attempts in real time to prevent potential data breaches.

With expert configuration by the specialists at Riverbank, your Microsoft Information Protection solution will integrate seamlessly with your file servers as well as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for Business and provide round-the-clock protection for your valuable data.

How Microsoft Information Protection gives businesses of all sizes and complexities a competitive advantage

Without effective data protection

One of your marketing staff accidentally emails a document to a recipient outside of your organisation. The document contains commercially confidential information. The file is not only opened and read, but also forwarded to a competitor of yours and uploaded to a website. Your organisation now suffers the costly, damaging consequences of the data breach.

With effective data protection

One of your accounting employees accidentally emails a file to an individual outside of your organisation. The file contains data on your balance sheet. The recipient tried to open the file but was unsuccessful because they lacked the valid credentials required. Immediately after, the owner of the file was alerted about an unauthorised attempt to access the company’s confidential data, who then tracked the email down, and took security measures to prevent further data breaches.

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