Office 365 Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed, automated and secure backup of your Office 365 data

With more and more businesses depending on Office 365 for collaboration and business operations, the risk of potential data loss is impossible to ignore. Although Microsoft stores data in their servers, they don’t take responsibility for the data created by Office 365 end users.

An independent backup separated from the app itself is necessary to avoid the most common data loss pitfalls such as:

  • End-user deletion, whether accidental or malicious
  • Malware damage or ransomware attacks
  • Operational errors such as accidental data overwrites
  • Lost data due to cancelled user licenses
  • Misconfigured application workflows

Know that Office 365 data is backed up by the most reliable solution on the market today, it is used by over 3.5 million users. Reduce risk, and spend more time growing your business knowing your Office 365 data is protected by Riverbank Office 365 Backup.

Why is Office 365 backup insufficient

While Office 365 does include primitive restore capabilities for lost data, two major issues arise when using their tools: lost data and lost time. An independent data backup separated from the app itself is necessary to avoid the most common data loss pitfalls.

  • Data loss due to inactive licenses: As one would expect, an active Office 365 license is required to access data. Unfortunately, inactive or deprovisioned user data is permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.
  • Data loss due to permanent deletion: When a SharePoint Online administrator deletes a site collection, all data will be placed in the Recycle Bin where it is kept for 93 days. At that time, it is automatically and permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.
  • Data loss due to ransomware: Microsoft recommends 3rd party backup as the only way to recover from data loss associated with ransomware encryption.
  • Data loss due to app outages: Uptime guarantees provide peace of mind... until an app outage occurs. Planning for the unexpected is key to recovering quickly should an outage occur.
  • Time lost in restoring files: Contacting Microsoft Support for assistance with any data loss issue can be time consuming, and still may not result in restored files.

The benefits of an Office 365 backup solution

  • Point-in-Time Backups: Backups include daily snapshots of each user's data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time. Avoid data loss from ransomware by restoring entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.
  • 3X/day backup: Rest easy with Riverbank Office 365 Backup automatic daily backups for Office 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online.
  • Easy Restore: With advanced search it is quick and easy to initiate an item level restore or entire folders.
  • Infinite Retention: Store an unlimited amount of data for no extra cost.
  • Retain user data: Save money by using Riverbank Office 365 Backup to hold old user data and free up your Office 365 licenses.
  • Riverbank Support: Finally, our support team is available when organisations need them most. Riverbank Office 365 Backup is a fully managed service freeing you up to grow your business.

Riverbank Office 365 Backup Features

Services Covered

Office 365’s Exchange Online, Calendar, Contacts, all OneDrive file types, OneNote data in SharePoint and OneDrive Document libraries, SharePoint Sites, Custom Site Collections, Team Sites

Backup Frequency

3 X Daily at 8-hour intervals

Automatic New User Detection

Able to add all current users and back up new users automatically (Nightly job detects status of services in Office 365 environment)

Automated Archive

Nightly job detects status of services in Office 365 environment, then archives those services that are archived in Office 365

Office 365 Licenses Supported

E1, E3, E5, Exchange Only 1 and 2, SharePoint only 1 and 2, Business Essentials, Business Premium, EDU, GOV, NPO

Strong Partnership

Riverbank have partnered with Datto - a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions for small and medium businesses. Riverbank and Datto bring together great local support with global capability.

Storage Locations

Stored in Datto’s private cloud located in US, EMEA, AUS, CAN; built-in redundancy; geo replicated within geographical region; data encrypted at rest and in transit. UK customers will be in EMEA data centre.


Search across multiple users; metadata search

Data Retention

Configurable; set to 1 year by default

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