Backup and Disaster Recovery
for Servers

Customised contingency plans to ensure your business survives any unexpected event

Protect Your Data. Protect Your Business.

What would happen if you lost vital data through malicious or accidental damage to your IT infrastructure? For many businesses, this would make continued operation very difficult or impossible. Most would struggle to survive and for many it would be a terminal event. For those that do survive a data loss or IT systems failure, the challenges can be huge. 


Partner with Riverbank, and you will benefit from:

  • Protection of your critical systems, servers and data
  • A disaster recovery plan, ready when you need it
  • Known levels of downtime in the event of a failure
  • Legal compliance
  • Peace of mind, thanks to careful planning and testing 

What do our Backup and Disaster Recovery for Servers include


The specialists at Riverbank will assess your risks and legal requirements, then help you prioritise your critical data and determine your acceptable recovery time. We’ll also take into consideration your budget and specific needs, ensuring a practical and cost-effective plan.


Backup comes in an array of forms, offering different volumes of storage and levels of flexibility. We’ll help you select the most appropriate option, balancing various factors such as capital expenditure and operating cost, speed of backup and speed of recovery, as well as your data volume and its rate of growth.


Like most businesses, you likely store data that you do not intend to access over the course of your daily operations, but must store these nonetheless due to regulations or policies. Riverbank will help you securely archive these files, making room for high-use data and improving server efficiency.

Annual recovery testing

Our annual test allows you to review your entire plan, ensuring all the steps are comprehensive, easy to understand, and sufficient to help you resume operations and deliver quality work no matter what disaster strikes.

Google searches for ‘business continuity’ surge in March 2020

The backup protection and the Disaster Recovery needs are core components in business contingency plan. They will be different for every business, so Riverbank provides a tailored service based on your needs.


Source: Google Trends.

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