Mobile Device Encryption Solutions

Protecting your data

Each year, millions of laptop computers are misplaced, stolen, or lost; many of them containing important and sensitive data. Full disk encryption is the essential first line of defence to protect your data in any of these events. Most businesses are using laptops to enable their staff to work from anywhere, this means the data on those devices needs to be protected in case of loss or theft. An effective way of doing this is by encrypting the laptop’s internal disk, you may lose the asset but your data will be protected.

What is Full Disk Encryption

Technology that encrypts the entire hard disk on your computer, this is transparent to the computer user as it encrypts/decrypts on-the-fly as files are required. There is a performance hit as the computer has to encrypt/decrypt in real-time but with modern laptops, this impact is generally not noticeable. Why do you need this? If your laptop is lost of stolen, hopefully you have it insured but what about the data? Without Full Disk Encryption any data on the machine is at risk of compromise and is easily accessible. With Full Disk Encryption, the criminal will have your hardware asset but not your data.


Encryption technology

Both Apple Macintosh and Windows PC have built in encryption technology but there are two main issues:

  • How do you know all your Windows/Mac assets have encryption enabled?
  • In the event of a loss or theft of a Windows/Mac laptop can you evidence the fact that the device was encrypted?

Riverbank Central Device Encryption

Riverbank Central Device Encryption solves these problems, it is a cloud managed tool where all the Windows and Mac assets of a business can be managed to ensure compliance with your encryption policy.

  • Manage Windows and Mac full disk encryption centrally from one console
  • Proof of compliance reporting

Riverbank Central Device Encryption provides piece of mind that company data on your mobile workforce devices is protected


The Benefits of Riverbank Central Device Encryption

  • Proof of compliance reporting
  • Low cost, high value service
  • Cloud based – no server required
  • Easy deployment
  • Uses the built-in encryption technologies of Windows and Mac
  • Managed by Riverbank