Mobile Device Management Solutions

Intuitive, user-friendly tools that allow organisations to monitor and manage mobile devices to ensure data security

Ensure your mobility doesn’t come at the cost of your data security

Mobile technology has dramatically changed the working landscape for businesses across all industries. Employees now use mobile devices to complement their desktop computers, and in some cases, as a replacement. Often, this means they are accessing and storing private internal data on the same mobile devices that they use to browse unsecure and suspicious websites and applications. In addition to the cybersecurity risks, the loss or theft of a single mobile device can also result in costly data breaches.

Mobile Device Management from Riverbank is designed to help your organisation avoid such disasters and ensure secure, efficient mobility.


How Mobile Device Management from Riverbank enables hassle-free, effective access and security controls

Our mobile application management allows your administrators to monitor, manage, and secure business information on employees’ mobile devices from a single user-friendly platform. The extensive features and granular controls include:

  • Automatic configurations of essential mobile device security settings
  • Enforced enrolment of users and devices to a proven mobile management tool of your choice
  • The ability to remotely and quickly delete all company information from any managed device in case of loss or theft to prevent data leaks
  • Data segregation capability to make business information available only via the applications you trust