Riverbank SecurePC

A supercharged managed security suite for your
PCs and Macs.

SecurePC is a managed security solution that provides the PC protection your end user devices need no matter if they work in the office or are on the road.

It is a multi-layered, multi-vendor service that gives your business peace of mind and works in the background to detect and protect against the ever-increasing threats business face protecting their data. Security is not a set-it-and-forget-it service – it must be managed and with SecurePC you get multi-layered protection that is managed by Riverbank.

The risks to your business data – including sensitive client information – can be catastrophic. The sophistication and rapid change of attacks from phishing, ransomware, bots and other techniques means you need a range of tools and policies to counter the threats.

Riverbank has brought together a suite of PC security software products and wrapped it with our management, monitoring and expertise. This powerful service will enable your company to reduce the risk of end user device related cyber-attacks; protecting your business-critical data and ultimately, your company’s reputation.

Your finance department will be happy too; no more multiple agreements and invoices from different suppliers, just one agreement from Riverbank.

Finally, one of the major advantages of SecurePC is that Riverbank are constantly evolving this service against new threats and if required will change/add/remove underlying components to better protect our customers. This means you are not stuck with a security solution on a long-term agreement that was great a year ago but has slipped behind with the new threats you face.


The benefits

  • Managed security, giving you peace of mind
  • Detection and mitigation of security risks before they attack your systems
  • Detection and remediation capability for ransomware protection
  • A constantly evolving service to combat new threats
  • Enhanced security for devices that are away from the office
  • Safeguards your information from a wide range of threats
  • Simplified billing and agreement.

Riverbank SecurePC includes

Business Antivirus

Business antivirus software is the foundation of PC and Macintosh protection.

Malware Protection

A close relation of antivirus is malware protection, it offers protection against things that are on the periphery of virus activity. Things that can be grouped under the phrase “potentially unwanted applications”, generally malign if not annoying applications that might be accidently installed but can be a conduit for activity that is more sinister. It is also able to clean up some threats more effectively than antivirus. It’s belt and braces.

Internet Protection

The modern workplace is anywhere on any device at any time. The concept of protecting everyone with a firewall are gone, the firewall still has a place in your security strategy but won’t help with your staff when they are out of the office, working from home or a café. Our Internet protection layer protects against threats not seen before and against known malicious actors by looking at what is going in and out of your device.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity. The final layer in SecurePC detects and protects against activity likely to be ransomware. If ransomware activity is detected it will halt the process and roll back the damage.

Ad Blocking Software

Whilst we understand the information on the internet is often based on a commercial model where advertising is paying for the site you are visiting, there have been cases where malicious adverts have also been used to infect a device. We use a tool to allow you to control if you wish to block ads, this puts you in control and has a benefit of added performance when browsing the internet.

Managed Security

As threats evolve, so do our responses. Even after you’ve signed up to our extremely competitive and comprehensive product suite, Riverbank will be actively looking for emerging threats and adding new layers of protection in response. Riverbank SecurePC is a dynamic and evolving product; built to respond to the latest cyber-threats.