Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

Gain trust in your users

Riverbank have partnered with Duo Security to deliver a service that will significantly improve your security without impacting user productivity.

The increasing use of cloud technologies accessed from multiple devices has radically changed the way we work, but it has also introduced a new set of security challenges that all organisations and individuals face that must be addressed in order to remain secure. It is increasingly normal for businesses to use cloud services from anywhere and from any device as well as local on-premise services such as VPN and remote desktop.

To expand on those challenges, it is convenient and relevant in today’s workforce to allow remote access to applications for an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, but it’s equally convenient for online criminals that target user passwords to gain access to your data.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) enables users to overcome these security challenges with a fantastically easy to use MFA solution that focuses on securing user access to applications and data. It is security designed for people and this makes it an effective addition to protecting your data.

Unlike most Multi-Factor solutions, MFA does not get in the way of the user experience. This single benefit overcomes the biggest challenge in deploying multi-factor authentication to businesses. It is so easy and convenient to use that your staff will love it and so will you!


What is MFA?

Multi Factor Authentication can be explained as something you know - your username/password - and something you have - your mobile device or key-fob or card machine etc. If you use online banking then you will be already using MFA via a card machine and your debit card, the card machine and card are the “something you have”, which is used in tandem with your bank login details “something you know”. This is a good defence against accidentally having your login credentials compromised due to a phishing attack.

Why do I need Riverbank Multi Factor Authentication?

Usernames and passwords on their own are no longer enough to protect your systems and data. The leading cause of security breaches are caused by compromised credentials, for example a username/password to Office 365, which may well lead to a compromise in other systems such as a VPN. These credentials can be compromised, at the least sophisticated end, by phishing attacks, typically via email, that fool the user into entering their credentials into a fake Office 365 login page. Once the hacker has your credentials these compromises can go undetected for months and cause significant damage to business and reputation.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to take over your accounts.

By integrating multi-factor authentication with your applications, attackers are unable to access your accounts without possessing your physical device needed to complete the second factor.


Multi Factor Authentication
for Office 365

If you are using Office 365 then Riverbank Multi Factor Authentication is a vital step towards protecting your users’ identity and therefore your data. Riverbank can take care of the provisioning of the service and the ongoing management. It can protect all your Office 365 applications, such as One Drive for Business, Teams, SharePoint and Outlook online.

The Benefits of Riverbank Multi Factor Authentication

  • Helps protect systems against remote attacks
  • Super user-friendly means better adoption across all systems
  • No hidden costs unlike traditional MFA – simple per user per month no matter how many apps or systems you protect.
  • MFA is the baseline for Duo’s Zero Trust model, a model to further protect your devices and applications.
  • More capable than Microsoft MFA
    • It can protect a wide range of cloud apps
    • Protects on-premise services such as VPN, WiFi, Remote Desktop, Windows Desktop
    • Did we mention that it is also super user-friendly!
  • Riverbank Support - Our support team is available when organisations need them most. MFA is a fully managed service freeing you up to grow your business.