Enterprise Password Management

A simple, efficient tool that allows your employees to easily and securely access internal systems and data

Create a secure and efficient remote workforce with effective password systems

As remote working becomes more common in the digital age, managing different passwords for the various security requirements of apps, shared drives, and systems can be an overwhelming complexity for your employees. Without the right solution, users often tackle this complexity by using the same password (or variations on it) across numerous platforms, or by recording passwords onto unsecure mediums. This exposes your organisation to a myriad of cybersecurity risks.


Riverbank’s Password Manager solution allows you to maintain robust password security without hassle

To ease the burdens on your employees, the National Cyber Security Centre suggests using authentication tools including Multi Factor Authentication, tokens, single sign-on (SSO), as well as apps such as Password Manager. This intuitive, user-friendly solution allows your staff to store all their passwords in a unique, secure online vault, which can be further secured with a master password by your authorised administrators and is accessible via web browser or an app on your tablet/smartphone. With Password Manager, your staff can efficiently manage all their unique passwords without resorting to risky practices.