Managed Firewall Solutions

A managed firewall IT security service to protect your network

Most businesses have a firewall but how often is it looked at, is it up to date, is it prioritising your new cloud CRM system traffic over general web content? How do you know if you are being attacked? Is it capable of detecting the latest threats that generally come through via web or email communications? The complexity and variety of cyber threats that organisations face means you need an IT security solution that can protect your business on the perimeter of your network today and into the future. That IT security solution is a business network security service called SecureConnect.

Riverbank have been protecting and managing the security of their client's networks with SecureConnect since 2012. We know how to manage and protect your network. Riverbank’s SecureConnect gives you peace of mind knowing that your perimeter network security is controlled and managed by experts. SecureConnect combines the latest enterprise-grade hardware, software and services with proactive monitoring and management, bringing it all together into a fixed monthly cost.

Businesses need the flexibility to work anywhere and SecureConnect has the option for remote users to connect easily and securely to the company network. In tandem with Riverbank SecurePC, our multi-layered PC and Mac security service, this provides network security services both in the office, out of the office and connecting from the outside in.

For some businesses, their customers require a level of security compliance or they want to comply with certain standards such as CyberEssentials. Riverbank SecureConnect is a network security service that complies with the Cyber Essentials standard and is designed to protect your business and those you work with.


Is this you?

  • I don’t want to have to worry about IT security
  • I need a firewall that complies with Cyber Essentials or our customers security requirements
  • How is my business using our internet connection, is it optimised for business related activity?
  • Employees and contractors need to securely connect to my network from anywhere

What the service offers

  • Managed firewall IT security solution for one or more offices
  • Advanced security and protection of your network
  • Management and reporting
  • Cloud application insight and control
  • Configuration backup and rapid replacement
  • Easy to use and secure remote access
  • Simple monthly billing