Wi-Fi Network Security Solutions

Professional office network installation, configuration, and management to ensure secure, reliable connectivity

Your office Wi-Fi enables more flexibility, but it also exposes your business to more risks

Before wireless technology allowed devices to access an organisation’s network without a cable, network security was a simple task of controlling physical perimeters. Today, every office has a Wi-Fi network that enables employees to work on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones instead of being tied to their specific desktops. But more agility also means more vulnerabilities, as your Wi-Fi network extends beyond the physical perimeter of your office and exposes your organisation to potential data breaches or malicious cyberattacks by unauthorised users.


How Secure Wi-Fi services from Riverbank deliver smooth, consistent connections and robust network protection

The team at Riverbank will learn your business needs and conduct an assessment of your current Wi-Fi network. After we’ve identified the vulnerabilities and dead zones in your network, we’ll tailor your Wi-Fi network plan to your business needs and recommend the right hardware. Once we have your approval, we’ll set up your network and configure your access points to ensure your Wi-Fi delivers optimal, consistent coverage and capacity across your location. With professional Wi-Fi planning, scaling will also be hassle-free and cost-effective.


Leverage granular access control to ensure your network security

Riverbank understands that the key to staying safe from ever-evolving cyberthreats is to address every potential vulnerability. That’s why our Secure Wi-Fi service also covers the setup of separate network access and purpose-specific protection for all types of users, including:

  • Business – for staff with company-provided computer equipment
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – for staff or contractors who access your systems and shared data via their personal devices
  • Visitor – for guest users who are allowed to access the internet via your office network