You might have the best computer system in the world. But if your internet connection is less than good, business will suffer. You need the fastest, smoothest, most reliable connection available, and an ordinary domestic broadband service just isn’t good enough. We’ll help you achieve exactly that.

Business broadband

If the internet is critical to your business, you need business broadband. It comes with a high level of expert support, super-fast speeds and generous download limits. You need to find a suitable package offering download and upload speeds of at least 10Gbps, with unlimited usage, 24/7 support, free access to wifi hotspots and your own dedicated connection. And it should also let you equip your workforce with a business phone bundle complete with inclusive calls to UK landlines, mobiles and international calls.

Business leased line

Leased Lines come with dedicated internet access, guaranteed speeds and excellent service levels. If your business relies on a rugged data connection, leased line solutions offer exactly that. They’re great if you need extra reliability, security and fast download and upload, perfect for big data transfers, video conferencing, smooth VoIP calls and access to cloud services.

Unlimited usage, super-fast speeds, 24/7 UK-based support, a business-grade SLA and convenient online billing all streamline things, and dedicated internet access means no hassle managing your internet connection.

Internet connectivity and failover solutions

Fast, reliable connectivity is essential for any business wanting to succeed online. You high speed, uninterrupted and cost effective connections.

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime. When wired internet connectivity is disrupted, because of cut cables, damaged telephone lines or bad weather, you can quickly lose revenue and productivity, and customer service can suffer.

Upgrading to a more robust virtual cloud based service means you need a reliable internet connection, so you’re always connected and protected, while balancing the costs. Explained in plain language, failover solutions automatically provide the non-stop connectivity you need to conduct business efficiently and cost effectively when your primary connection goes down.