Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared? What happens to the digital side of your business if something goes badly wrong? Can you recover everything you need to reconstitute your business systems and databases quickly, efficiently and easily, or would you be totally and completely stuffed? Disaster recovery is an essential part of your backup toolkit, and it deserves your full attention. Together we’ll tick all the right boxes.

IT Business Continuity

Business continuity insurance is one thing. But it won’t actually rebuild your business. IT business continuity delivers the essential resilience you need to keep your key services available no matter what happens. How is your business continuity management? Are you in a position to carry out a fast, smart systems recovery? Can you replace your systems quickly, do you have an alternative place to work, do you keep your data safe enough? They’re all essential questions.

Once you have a solid IT business continuity management programme in place your entire organisation will be more resilient, better future-proofed, able to recover the systems and data needed to run the business in double-quick time. If you don’t have the technology or the capabilities, it’s important to find an external organisation to support smarter recovery to business as usual.

IT Service Continuity

IT service continuity is the planning and management processes and procedures put in place to recover IT services if there’s a serious incident. It’s about much more than being reactive, although that’s important. It’s also about taking proactive measures to cut the risk of disasters in the first place.

It’s common knowledge that many disaster-hit businesses with a failed business continuity plan go out of business within a year and a half of the disaster. IT service continuity planning is vital, but unless your plan actually works it’s not worth much.

Your IT partner should prioritise the aspects of the businesses to be recovered using a Business Impact Analysis, then perform a risk analysis to pin down assets, threats, vulnerabilities and solutions. They’ll evaluate recovery options, provide a contingency plan, then test and review the plan regularly. Only then can you be totally sure you can recover your business quickly and efficiently if needs be.

IT Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery speed is critical. Otherwise your customers suffer, your reputation suffers and your bottom line is damaged. IT disaster recovery means you have the ability to quickly restore business continuity. When a critical system is compromised, you don’t want to play fast and loose with its recovery. Expert support by disaster recovery professionals means managing and delivering continuous access to essential data, email and services to meet recovery objectives and deadlines.

Rapid Server Recovery

Reliable backup technologies are critical. Under ordinary circumstances the time needed to rebuild a server can run to several days, rarely good enough for a business that needs to perform continuously with minimal if any gaps or breaks.

Rapid server recovery is essential for business continuity, and the cloud is your best friend under these circumstances. Virtual Server Rapid Recovery means linking your production server, ideally well protected by an online backup service, to a standby restore-ready server in the cloud, secure and safe, ready whenever you are. It means you can quickly restore data and essential applications after a server outage, vital for your brand’s reputation and future business success.

Business Email Continuity

Email downtime. It’s a nightmare. Email is absolutely vital for most businesses, and everyone suffers when your email goes down. So how do you achieve business email continuity?

You need support in the shape of uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments, and you’ll find it on the cloud. Using familiar tools like Outlook for Windows, the internet and various popular mobile applications, you get guaranteed access to your emails from anywhere, on any kind of device. And you can achieve it without spending a fortune on extra hardware and software.