Your server might be an actual machine, or it might be a computer programme in the Cloud. Either way it sits at the heart of your IT systems, quietly sharing data, hardware and software resources among your users. Here’s some information about how we’ll help you set up a secure, safe and top-performing server environment to support better business.

Cloud Servers

A cloud server is simply a virtual server, running in a cloud environment. Also called Virtual Dedicated Servers, you rent virtual server space instead of buying or renting an actual machine, a physical server.

You can choose your own dedicated server or share space with other businesses, both have their benefits and downsides. As a rule dedicated hosting is more advanced, more flexible and safer because the whole server is dedicated to you.

Cloud servers make it easier to scale resources up and down, and server capacity can be boosted automatically to make sure you always have the resources you need. All of which means you can do business more reliably, securely and faster… vital in a world where speed, efficiency and reliability deliver a useful competitive advantage.

Hosted Servers

You could buy your own servers, expensive physical machines you have to maintain, update, upgrade and keep in perfect working order. Or you could hand everything over to a hosted server, hosting the lot in the cloud, away from your premises.

Hosted server environments are perfect when you want exclusive, easy-to-access security, safety, infrastructure and resources with no sharing. Having your own dedicated hosted server means critical data is properly ringfenced, secure and safe. And it’s up to you how you manage it – either on your own or with help from experts like us.

Private Dedicated Servers

What kind of server environment will suit your business best, deliver the best performance, greatest security and future-proofing? Unless you’re an expert it’s a tough decision.

When you choose a virtual private server, the software operates in a virtual environment with shared hardware and storage. Many virtual servers run on just one big physical server, sharing resources like processing, memory, storage and bandwidth. At the same time, the host provider will isolate your virtual private server from other virtual servers you share the physical server with.

Is that what you need? We’ll help you make the best decision about where to plant the essential roots of your business so it can grow to the max.

Rapid Server Recovery

Help! What if your server shuffles off this mortal coil and dies? In a worst case scenario, your business could die too. Computer hardware doesn’t last forever. It’ll break down eventually. How prepared – if at all – are you?

Will you live to see another day if you can’t access your files, email and apps? Can you afford to wait for a new physical machine to be delivered, installed and configured? Most businesses would say ‘no’.

When you partner with someone who can offer a Rapid Server Recovery service, you’ll get business back on the road within a few hours rather than days or worse. The best services come with a server on loan, to keep things running in the interim. But they’ll also monitor and test your recovery, making sure you’re always properly prepared for the unexpected.

Server Network Installation

Need a new server network? Maybe your existing networks need looking at, no longer fit for purpose or seriously outdated.

If you have no idea how to go about server network installation, leave it alone and call the experts in. It isn’t something you want to tackle without the relevant experience and expertise. With the right support, you’ll get the server network you need, exactly the kind of fully-functioning network on which business excellence is built.

Server Rebuilds

Your physical server can sit, quietly humming, in a cupboard for years on end. But it will eventually fail – they all do. And when they crash, panic ensues. You might have a thorough backup and recovery plan in place, but it’s still a nightmare. And servers fail for a multitude of reasons.

It’s at times like this you fully realise just how much business relies on IT. When your entire system is down your people can’t do their jobs and your business can’t function. If it happens to you, do you have the knowledge to figure things out and solve the problem in the short time available, before things start to go horribly wrong?

The trick is to have someone who understands server rebuilds ready and waiting, primed to spring into action. That’s us. With our help you’ll be back online in no time, doing business again.

Server Support

Unless you’re server-savvy, it’s a wise move to get external server support. Most server issues can be dealt with remotely, but sometimes you also need to talk to a real person, someone who can provide on-site support.