Your business isn’t static. In an ideal world it’s a living, growing thing that flexes to meet changing business landscapes. Our IT auditing services provide expert analysis of where you are now, so you can make properly informed decisions about where you want to be, and pin down the IT infrastructure you need to achieve it.

IT Audits

An IT audit collects and evaluates the evidence needed to find out whether your computer systems are up to the job. Looking at the integrity of your data and making sure your assets are properly protected, the findings let you achieve business goals while using resources efficiently and effectively.

Once you have a benchmark to work to, and all the information you need to see the way ahead, you can plan future IT direction and goals with confidence. When your IT environment hits the mark, you future-proof the systems side of your business for sustainable growth.

Network Audits

Network auditing is effectively a network health check, involving a wide range of data collection and analysis to benchmark its performance and potential against your business goals. We look into network security, implementation of control, performance, management and availability to identify threats and vulnerabilities.
With our help, you’ll know how effective your network control and protocols are, and how well the network complies with external policies and regulations. The better shape your network is in, from a functional and regulatory perspective, the better. A healthy network supports growth and innovation, drives customer service and organisational excellence.

Security Audits

A security audit involves a detailed, systematic and measurable technical assessment of your IT systems with security in mind. We’ll carry out security vulnerability scans, review your application and operating system access controls and analyse the physical access element of your systems.

Every business needs a security system with a rugged physical configuration and environment, up to date software, secure information handling processes and sensible user protocols. When your system ticks all the right regulatory boxes, you’re fit for business and fully protected.