Riverbank Cloud – Complete

This service puts all the functions of a traditional network in the Cloud. So you can run all your usual applications, without the hassle and the need to buy specialised equipment. And it’s flexible. You can add more server space whenever you need it. All stored in UK data centres managed by Riverbank engineers and monitored 24/7, with multiple fail-safes and backups to ensure your data is secure.

  • Your own servers
  • All data stored in the UK
  • Fully managed by Riverbank
  • Secure


Simplicity and flexibility, with security and control


Companies that have medium-level security requirements. They cannot use a consumer-level IT cloud service. They need to know where their data is held and how to get to it if they needed to.


A company finds that its workforce increasingly works in different locations. This is causing stress because of the difficulties of working remotely. By moving to the Riverbank Cloud they all have top-notch access to their IT system, wherever they are working. The additional benefit is that their internal IT is greatly simplified, reducing hassle and admin.

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