Remote applications via Citrix

Your challenge is that you want to move your IT to the Cloud, but you want all your computer users to have a “local IT” experience. Citrix is the enterprise-grade Cloud Plug-in that delivers this experience. Citrix is world-leading software that gives you an incredible dynamic way to access your Cloud-based IT systems. You can choose to either set up a remote desktop that gives you the look and familiarity of your traditional computer or you can use Web Apps. All this is accessed through one login, giving you immediate access to your company IT, wherever you are.


Citrix gives you two key benefits. Citrix allows you to work anywhere, on any device. Desktops, laptops, phones, Macs and tablets are all fully supported and accessible. An intuitive app setup gives you simple, consistent access to your computers, applications and IT services across all of your mobile and desktop devices. You can change the settings and performance of your Citrix app depending on your network connection and device capabilities.

Better PC performance – when you are using Citrix you are using the power of the Cloud system, not the local PC. In many cases you get a more responsive system than using the native PC. Citrix also manages limited bandwidth very effectively. This means:

  • Breakthrough WAN performance
  • Seamless use of local peripherals
  • Faster local scanning and printing

Who can benefit fromremote applications via Citrix

Any businesses that depend on remote working. Examples of Riverbank clients:

  • A recruitment company with offices in Maidenhead and Manchester. Everyone uses the same system in the same way.
  • An Oxford-based consultancy firm with staff based in offices around the world. They use the same software in the same way, whether they are in the UK, in Singapore or working at a client office.