Microsoft sits at the heart of millions of business IT systems. Tried, tested and respected, their products and services are perfectly placed to help you negotiate the fast-changing IT waters with ease and confidence.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service which supports business with robust security, great reliability, and excellent user productivity. It comes with a host of brilliant services.

Office 365 allows you to access your Microsoft Office apps on your office PC and while on the move, across a range of devices and anywhere that has an internet connection. Not only do you get all the familiar Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, it also allows you to send and receive emails and access your calendars and contacts from any device. In addition you have the choice of working with office documents in your browser or using the regular application.

Save your documents into the Cloud using one of the Riverbank Cloud storage options, so you can easily update, modify and share your data with colleagues and external partners. It comes with a host of brilliant services.

  • Office 365 Platform
  • Exchange Online
  • Exchange Online Archiving
  • Exchange Online Protection
  • Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
  • Office Online
  • Office Applications
  • Project Online
  • Project Pro for Office 365
  • Yammer
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Office 365 also gives you the option of using instant messaging and video conferencing through Skype for Business, Microsoft’s communication app aimed at increasing collaborative working. Also included is Office 365’s social network, Yammer, giving you the chance to communicate, collaborate and share information.

With all this at your disposal, you have everything you need to run a thriving business and grow it sustainably and cost-effectively.

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Sharepoint 2010

With Microsoft SharePoint Online you can create and manage custom team-focused and project-focused sites for collaboration easily and quickly. You can even create an intranet for your organisation, to share internal information… ‘share’ being the operative world behind SharePoint.

It lets your people share documents, diaries and calendars, lists, images and discussion boards, and even allows outsiders to collaborate effectively, safely and securely. And it also works beautifully alongside other Microsoft essentials like Exchange, Skype for Business and the regular Office Web Apps.

With Sharepoint you get intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, enterprise search, business intelligence, workflow management, web content management and more, including an enterprise application store. Need help setting it all up? That’s exactly what we do.

Licensing is all taken care of by Riverbank and we ensure that you are always kept updated with the latest version of Office 365. You can pick and choose the features you want to include in your Office 365 plan, and it’s all fully supported and managed by Riverbank.

Easy Management

Enterprise-class security and reliability – Enterprise technology available for a price any company can afford. Numerous layers of security protect Office 365 data centres, with stringent privacy policies ensuring your data is kept safe. Microsoft offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime plus full disaster recovery capabilities.
IT control and efficiency – Office 365 handles tasks like security updates and upgrading the back-end systems, tasks which traditionally take up large amounts of time. With Office 365 managing this, your employees are free to be more productive with their time.
User familiarity and productivity – Office 365 feels and works in the same way as your traditional office apps. This means your employees are already familiar with how to use it, there is no steep learning curve and you don’t have to waste time on costly IT training and integration.
Flexibility – Add and remove users as you need to, and extend your subscription to add in new features as your needs change. It’s simple and flexible.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an excellent cloud computing platform and infrastructure. It lets you build, deploy and manage applications and services, all through Microsoft’s vast global network of managed and hosted data centres.

It’s a fast-growing collection of integrated cloud services including detailed analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, web and more. Why does it matter? Because with Azure supporting you all the way, you’ll move faster, get more done and save cash.

The best thing is this: absolutely any developer or IT professional can use it. And they do it using tools they’re already familiar with. Building and managing enterprise projects, mobile, web and the internet of things is quicker, easier and more cost-effective.

Windows Intune

The Windows Intune cloud service lets you manage and secure your PCs centrally via a wonderfully simple web-based interface. Your IT people and users can key into Intune from anywhere, and you’ll be properly protected since everything sits on the rock-solid Microsoft Malware Protection Engine.

Deploying Microsoft updates and service packs to your PCs is a simple matter, and alerts mean you stay on top of updates and threats. With inclusive remote assistance, remote management and protection is yours from more or less anywhere.

You can easily track hardware and software inventory for quality planning and asset management purposes, and centrally set your security policies too. Add centrally managed updates, firewall, and malware protection settings, even on remote machines outside your network and you’re ready for anything and everything.

Office 365 vs On-premises hosted email

Office 365 On-premises hosted email
Office 365 allows you to access your Microsoft Office apps and email on your office PC and while on the move, anywhere that has an internet connection Reliance on server and local office internet connection to access email- simply put: no internet, no email
Reduces the cost of purchasing the Microsoft Office Suite Office applications have to be purchased separately (approximately £200+)
Manageable, fixed monthly costs. You know the cost of a new user licence, so you can more effectively plan and budget On-going maintenance of hardware and software
The option to get the latest version of Microsoft Office and Exchange Upgrade costs with risky cost variances and wasted time to keep Microsoft Exchange and Office Suite up to date
Licenced for 5 PCs + 5 Smart devices per user 1 licence per machine, multiple purchases required for users with more than 1 device