Riverbank Cloud – Private

Your own personal, protected IT system, delivered via the internet. Dedicated equipment runs all your usual applications and gives you all your traditional computing power. Everything is stored in highly-secure UK data centres, with your IT run by qualified and security-cleared Riverbank engineers. It’s proactively managed with 24/7 monitoring, detecting and resolving problems before they impact your business.


  • Your own hardware
  • You own it, you control it, you set the security levels.


Security. You have complete control, just as you would if you had servers in your office


Companies with high security requirements or high performance needs.


An international business with links to the defence industry. They want to move to the cloud but they can’t afford the risk of compromising their security. By locating their own server in a Riverbank data centre they have the benefit of cloud computing plus total control over who has access to their equipment. They also know that their servers are physically much better protected in a data centre with 24×7 security than when they were in their office.

Moving to the Cloud doesn’t have to compromise Security. Contact us about our secure Cloud solution.