Remote working is huge, thanks to the mobile computing revolution, and carrying out IT operations off-site comes with all sorts of benefits to you, your end users and business in general. Here’s how.

Remote Desktop

A remote desktop lets users to connect to a computer in another location, see the desktop and interact with it, as though it’s a local machine. Remote desktop capability includes being able to access workplace computers on the go or from home, fix problems. Do admin and demonstrate things like software.

The connectivity side of things can involve a number of solutions, from Remote Desktop Protocol and Virtual Network Computing to NX technology and Independent Computing Architecture. And you can get software for all sorts of operating systems and platforms, including hand held devices like phones and tablets.

Why does it matter? It means your people can do business in any way they need to, from more or less anywhere, and you keep tabs on essential maintenance and updates.

Remote Support

With remote support you can control all your company’s desktops, laptops and servers off-site. It means your people can easily share screens, chat, transfer files and more, access computers securely outside your firewall and give remote users the support they need practically anywhere.

You can manage users, licenses and host lists centrally, build and share host lists and manage your licenses. Using an iOS or Android app, you can deliver support via smartphones and tablets. And you can do all those niggly Windows admin jobs remotely, too.

Remote support means troubleshooting remotely, restarting services and processes, editing your registries and dealing with event logs. You’ll be able to manage your Active Directory domains, lock and free accounts, set and reset passwords and more, all from one dashboard. The result? Smooth, effective, efficient management of your entire mobile network.

Remote Working

Can your people work remotely? It’s a challenge unless your systems are set up to cope, with all the security, safety, management and support necessary to maximise staff potential. With our help they’ll be fully equipped to deal with any and every situation confidently, quickly and effectively, away from the office.