Riverbank Cloud File Sync

Riverbank Cloud File Sync provides flexible enterprise-quality systems to enable you to manage your cloud-based data, working online and offline.

Choose how you want to work

  • I need an instant computer network. I want to keep all my data on a cloud-based server so all my staff can work on one system, wherever they are based
  • I want to synchronise data files between my staff laptops so they have all the data available on their devices. I want all the synchronisation to be handled automatically
  • We have a number of offices and I want everyone in every office to have fast access to the data they need
  • I want to cloud-enable my existing server
  • We work with lots of large files in lots of locations. I need a system that makes it easy for my people to work anywhere
  • I need a combination of all the above

Making it easy to work anywhere

Users can easily store, share and access multiple files from anywhere and with any device, while still maintaining full control over their files. Centralised administration ensures that data is controlled and managed under stringent security and privacy guidelines, in a way that consumer Cloud solutions are unable to match.

Access your documents through a web browser, mobile device or from your desktop, with your files synchronised between them, allowing you to work online or offline.

Key Features

File Sync and Share – Enables users to access and share their documents between employees and business partners from any device and at any time.

Hybrid File Server – Quickly and easily migrate your existing data files to the Cloud or build a new hybrid architecture with both Cloud and on-site storage.

Multi-site synchronisation – Allows users to quickly share and collaborate between offices and between countries as if they are in the same location. Users enjoy not just fast local access to files but to seamlessly cooperate across multiple locations.

Data protection – Enterprise-level control and management of your files and folders.

Work the way you want to work – Work onlocal data on your PC, work on a central server, share your data between offices or access your data via a web interface. Your choice.

Managed by Riverbank – Central management of data and devices via your familiar support team at Riverbank


  • It starts with the smallest business that needs to share company data across a few computers
  • It suits any small or medium-sized business that needs to have its data files available in the cloud or in multiple locations with a dispersed workforce
  • It scales up to the enterprise, cloud-enabling a company’s own servers to deliver secure and managed cloud-based file sharing