Riverbank Email Protect

Communication is the life-blood of any organisation, regardless of size or market. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that your business is properly protected from external threats – from spam that can bring your business to a halt and lower productivity, to full email archiving for compliance. Riverbank IT Management’s Email Protect service gives your business everything it needs to improve your IT security. Email Protect is a managed business email security service that gives you:

  • Clean email – inbound and outbound email protection against viruses and spam
  • Accurate anti-malware filtering
  • Individual user quarantine with daily report
  • Additional business email security – address on the fly

Plus options for:

  • Full email archive to comply with your company standards
  • Business email continuity – emergency webmail service with 60-day rolling archive

Clean e-mail

Email is a major carrier of security threats, whether it’s via malicious links, offers of free software, spurious invitations to update your security details, and so on. It is vital to protect your business from the threats and the rubbish that now makes up over 95% of email traffic around the globe.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure that this rubbish never gets near your network. By keeping it outside your network you don’t clutter your system with virus-infested garbage. More importantly you don’t waste your precious and expensive bandwidth downloading it all.

Email archive

Riverbank Email Protect includes the option of a full email archive. It automatically stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository. There is a built-in set of eDiscovery tools; you can perform multiple levels of search for any email or attachment within the archive. Using the Riverbank Email Protect portal you can also recover any email or attachment from the active archive into your desktop inbox.

Business continuity

If your internet connection or email server goes down how do you reach your email? With Riverbank Email Protect you have the option of a web-based email service for each user, complete with a rolling 60-day archive. Read, create, reply and forward messages. Once your main email service is restored the missing incoming email is automatically synchronised and updated.

Address on the fly

Have you ever wanted to track who is selling or giving away your email address, or wanted to ban unwanted sources of email? With ‘address on the fly’ you can do exactly that.

Suppose you want to receive some information from a web site (eg www.xyz.com) and you register your email address (mary@mycompany.co.uk). Instead of using your normal email address you add some tracking information to it – call it mary.xyz@mycompany.co.uk. Riverbank Email Protect will still recognise this as your email address, but you can now see how the sender got your email address. If emails to mary.xyz@mycompany.co.uk become a nuisance you can blacklist all mail sent to that address and at a stroke you have eliminated one source of spam.


The stages in the implementation of Riverbank Email Protect are:

  • Create your account and mailboxes on the mail-filtering system
  • Change your domain settings to direct your inbound email to our mail-filtering servers
  • Change your email server settings to direct outbound email to the mail-filtering servers
  • Set up the daily reporting
  • Activate the account
  • Provide training and documentation to all users

There is minimal downtime during installation with little or no interruption to the flow of your email.