When you create a virtual version of something, you can work on it in safety, leaving the original system functioning as normal and carrying out testing and verification virtually. There’s no need for business to be interrupted while vital maintenance and management is carried out. Here’s some information about our virtualisation services.

Server Rebuilds

Do you know what makes a server tick, from the bottom up, in detail? If the answer’s no, you should steer clear of rebuilding your own server. If you get it wrong you can easily destroy all your data, including the backup.

We know how to rebuild servers. Because we know our stuff we do it quickly and efficiently. And because we do it virtually, there’s no risk of business interruption. It’s smooth, seamless, efficient, safe and cost-effective.

We back everything up first, including database files, and we install everything in the exact right order. In short, we’ll rebuild your server environment without losing any of your precious data, information, files, records or anything else.


In an IT context virtualisation involves re-creating a virtual version of an actual computer hardware platform, a server operating system, storage device or any other computer network resource.

Server virtualisation obscures server resources, protecting information about the number of physical servers and their identity, your processors and operating systems, so nobody else can see it. And there’s more – it increases resource sharing and gives you the capacity to expand when you need to.