Project Description

Prosonix is a world leader in the design, development and cost-effective manufacture of medicines through the use of proprietary ultrasonic particle engineering technologies.

From their laboratories Prosonix works with many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies to solve crystallisation problems and to develop highly engineered particles for improved drug delivery.

Specific needs

As a new spin-out business in 2006, Prosonix needed help to set up their IT systems in their new office and laboratories in the Medawar Centre at Oxford Science Park.

The brief

Riverbank was given the responsibility of building from scratch the IT infrastructure that would see Prosonix through its formative years and beyond.

The solution

Riverbank installed a fully-managed network at the Prosonix offices, with server and all the associated hardware and software. Riverbank then provided quicker and easier communication between Prosonix staff, setting them all up with Windows mobile phones and remote access to the office network via SSL-VPN for those who worked at home or travelled frequently.

Prosonix was already working internationally and the efficiency of our network and telecommunications had become essential to the smooth-running and future growth of the business, as always, Riverbank reacted to our needs and there is no question that being able to work remotely and to make contact with the office at any time is an important part of our customer service.”
Andy Bush, Prosonix

Riverbank also helped Prosonix create a disaster recovery plan, forming an integral part of their wider business continuity plan.

To help Prosonix streamline communications with their customers Riverbank has played a key role in checking compatibility and setting up security measures to allow Prosonix to link up directly with its customers.

Today Riverbank continues to provide Prosonix with all remote and on-site IT support, and a strong working relationship has developed that has seen these two Oxford-based companies grow together.

How do we support Prosonics?

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