Project Description

OEE is an operational improvement specialist based in Oxford. OEE’s ‘lean’ training programme delivers improved customer service by re-thinking conventional working practices and eliminating waste. OEE’s clients include the NHS, Lloyds TSB, Virgin Media and the Tate Gallery.

Specific needs

OEE recognised the need for professional IT support services following a period of rapid growth. They also needed to ensure that OEE’s own clients receive an uninterrupted service.

Many of OEE’s consultants spend much of their time at clients’ offices and, for them, optimum performance of their laptops is fundamental to their effective working.

The brief

The brief to Riverbank in 2002 was to provide computer help desk support. This has expanded over the years and today their expert IT advice and support is relied on heavily by OEE.

OEE also told Riverbank that it wanted to pay a fixed annual fee for Riverbank’s IT services, providing value for money and giving Riverbank a clear incentive to maintain the highest level of IT reliability.

The solution

The initial work was to advise on laptop specification and software, and to create a computer replacement programme. Riverbank also created a series of ‘service spare’ laptops to make sure that OEE’s consultants are never left without a laptop.

In 2007 Riverbank installed two servers, providing a centrally managed email system and a searchable knowledge base. The knowledge base provides OEE consultants with a wide range of data including corporate templates, project information and materials developed by OEE. Most important is that it allows OEE’s consultants to work collaboratively and securely whenever and wherever they want to.

How do we support OEE Consulting?

We’re here to make your IT systems as reliable and effective as they can possibly be. First-class IT support saves you time, money and hassle so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Support Overview
    Support Overview
    An ongoing relationship that feels like a valuable asset.
  • Fully-managed IT Support
    Fully-managed IT Support
    Discover the benefits of fully-managed IT support: we’ll take care of everything.
  • Cloud Services
    Cloud Services
    Explore the possibilities of the Cloud for your business, from file-sync to software.
  • Why is IT security important?
    Why is IT security important?
    Working tirelessly to repel security threats, safeguarding you and your clients.
  • Backup & Recovery
    Backup & Recovery
    Find peace of mind with Riverbank's backup and disaster recovery services.