Project Description

Formula 1 track days, sailing, tennis and skiing are just some of the events that TMB organises for its blue-chip clients that include Audi, Tesco and Volkswagen. Based in Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire, TMB has relied on Riverbank to manage its IT systems since 2003.

Specific needs

TMB was struggling with the tape backup. It required a tedious daily tape change and when they started hitting the limit of the tape capacity Riverbank recommended a change to a better system.

The brief

The requirement was for a single system that would cover:

  • Daily backup
  • Off-site backup storage
  • Protection against downtime if a server failed
  • Disaster recovery if the tmb office was lost

The new system also had to be highly reliable and fully automated.

The solution

The solution was the Riverbank BDR service – Backup and Disaster Recovery. This disk-based system builds images of an entire server so it’s much more than just a backup. The first step is a regularly updated server image stored on-site. Each day’s image is then shipped overnight to an off-site store.

This means that TMB has quick and easy file restore from the on-site backup plus the comfort of knowing that everything is also protected off-site. Because the backup is based on server images a server rebuild can be done in hours, not days, reducing a critical window of down-time if a server failed.

And because every backup is encrypted it is also more secure than the old system.

“It was tailor-made for TMB. It meets their needs for a fully-automated backup plus it gives them the additional comfort of protection against disasters”.

Riverbank services

The Riverbank BDR service uses two independent disk-based data stores; one at the TMB office and one at Riverbank’s offsite location. With multiple copies of data in two locations, it means there is no dependence on a single high-value backup.

The result is a more reliable backup at a lower cost. On top of that, the automation of the entire backup process makes it much less onerous than the traditional tape backup.

How do we support TMB Events?

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