Project Description

OEE Consulting is the only UK management consulting firm which works exclusively in operations design and implementation for service organisations. Based in Oxford, its team of over 100 consultants and trainers deliver large scale business transformation and improvement programmes across the globe.

Specific needs

Having outgrown its existing premises, OEE Consulting identified the need to relocate its headquarters to larger premises in Oxford city centre. The move was to take place as quickly and seamlessly as possible, minimising any downtime. During this relocation, it was imperative that the company’s sensitive data be protected at all costs.

The brief

The firm asked Riverbank IT Management to ensure that there would be as little IT disruption as possible during the two-day relocation period, eliminating any risk to its data.

The solution

Months before the move took place, Riverbank IT Management took steps to safeguard the firm’s IT systems and data by transferring its storage to the cloud. This decision proved invaluable when the time came to relocate. New wifi and a comms cabinet were installed in readiness, and the headquarters was therefore able to continue operations the very same day without any disruption to service.

Andy Smith, Operations Manager: “Moving our systems and information to the Cloud resulted in the reduction of capital costs, maintained confidence in data security and the ongoing flexibility to relocate swiftly and effectively, as the business continues to grow. Preparation certainly was key so that on the day, Riverbank IT Management was able to literally unplug us from our original office so that we could start work again almost immediately in our new location without interruption to service”.

How do we support OEE Consulting?

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    Support Overview
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    Why is IT security important?
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