How safe is your company’s data?

Safe, secure and running smoothly

As cyber security threats to your IT systems take on new forms and methods, staying ahead of the game is the best way to safeguard your business. By taking cyber security seriously, you don’t just minimise risk to your own business: you also do your duty to clients, keeping their data as secure as your own. Whatever your requirements, Riverbank can help you to identify weaknesses and shore up your defence.

Network Security

Riverbank’s SecureConnect gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT security is controlled and managed by experts. SecureConnect combines enterprise-grade hardware and software with proactive monitoring and management, bringing together multiple strands of IT security into a fixed monthly cost.

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User IT Security

Riverbank SecurePC is a dynamic and evolving solution, built to respond to the latest cyber-threats. In the last few months, Ransomware has risen to the fore with some high-level, business-crippling attacks taking place. To respond to this, SecurePC now includes enhanced ransomware protection.

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Identity Security

The more your people have access to web apps, whether they’re on-premises apps or hosted in the cloud, the bigger the security risks. Our secure identity management software has been developed for businesses like yours: a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution to effectively manage user and group security.

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Data Security

There comes a point when it makes a lot of sense to take control of people’s usage, identities, authentications, account management, device registration and everything else that might adversely affect your business. That’s exactly the capability that Riverbank S.A.F.E delivers as an enterprise mobility management solution.

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How safe is your company’s data?

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