System Status

Welcome to the Riverbank status page.  On this page we post information about the status of services that Riverbank clients use. 

There are reported defects to services.

Major defect with Sophos Reflexion E-Mail Security Platform

We are currently aware of an issue with Sophos Reflexion services. This is one of our e-mail security services.

The current state is : Resolved

We are providing updates to all of our customers on this platform as/when we have further information.

You may visit the Sophos support page for more information regarding this fault: 

We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation while we liaise with Sophos to get this resolved for our customers.

Service Updates

31/07/2019 12:00 – We are in contact with Sophos to try and work out the root cause of the issue. We will post further updates here. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this outage.

31/07/2019 13:25 – We would like to thank our customers for their continued patience during this frustrating period. Sophos have confirmed that there is currently no ETA on this case. However, we are actively liaising with them so that we can provide continuous updates to our customers.

31/07/2019 14:50 – Sophos have confirmed that their Senior Development team are now analysing the issue, and they will confirm once further progress has been made. 

31/07/2019 15:20 – We are now starting to see e-mail transmission return to normal. There may still be a noticeable delay in e-mail transit and you may still notice a backlog of mail appear in your inbox over the next few hours. 

01/08/2019 08:00 – Sophos have confirmed that the issue regarding Reflexion E-Mail security has now been resolved. If you continue to have any further issues, please get in touch with our service desk team who will be happy to assist you. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused to our customers.

01/08/2019 10:15 – We have now sent an e-mail update to all of our main contacts who use the Reflexion E-Mail Platform. 

01/08/2019 14:00 – No further issues have been reported by our customers. This issue has now been marked as resolved. As soon as the Sophos report has been made available to us, we will post it here in the updates section.

05/08/2019 09:00 – Reflexion reported further issues through the night, however, these have now been resolved and mail flow has returned to normal. The RCA (Root Cause Analysis) report will be made available as soon as it has been published by Sophos Support.

Issue Number #1139605