Outsourced IT Services for
Internal IT Departments

Put our dedicated experts to work and free up your staff from demanding work


Professional, responsive services and support to ensure your business runs smoothly and securely at all times

With technology and business landscapes changing at lightning speed, one thing organisations of all sizes have in common is the time-consuming daily work that overwhelms their in-house IT departments. Large enterprises often see their IT managers occupied by the supervision of mundane yet critical support tasks and unable to dedicate themselves to strategic planning. For fledgling SMBs, anything IT-related from infrastructure maintenance to software upgrades and daily help desk tickets can swamp their small IT teams. No matter the size of your business, such challenges drain your in-house IT staff, reduce your efficiency, and frustrate your employees and clients. Riverbank provides Outsourced IT to lighten the load of your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring extra IT staff.


Not just an IT services provider,
but a partner

At Riverbank, we understand that your business IT hugely influences your service quality, client satisfaction, and bottom line. That’s why our specialists are committed to work as an extension of your internal IT department, providing assistance and support on simple and complex tasks. Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Provide strategic advice
  • Manage technical and security projects
  • Work on site as your end-user service desk
  • Proactively manage and maintain your infrastructure
  • Cover any holidays

With Riverbank as your partner, you can rest assured that your technology will always be secure and optimised, and your in-house IT staff will be able to leverage their expertise to improve your organisation more efficiently.